In Honor of our beloved Oscar who lost his battle yesterday to this disease

— Josh Langdon

Thank you for what you do

— Mama Cyd Bradley  🐾🐾

In memory of Miss Bean, FIP Warrior

— Dr. Heather Kennedy 🐾

Hope they find a cure for this awful disease!

— Cyndi Gust

Just a little something for this wonderful cause... Thank you!!!

— Mirian Hasani

This donation is in loving memory of Olivia Elliott whose story appears on your FIP Fighters page. A cure cannot come soon enough.

— Susan Elliott

In memory of Nanachi, a street warrior full of love

— Lee Yang Cheng 🐾🐾

We thank our donors who have partnered with us to help find a cure for the deadly FIP disease. You are making a difference.

FIP Corporate Warriors


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A Walker

Adam Pearsall

Adele Gaskin

Dirty Harry
Adnant, LLC

Agnieszka Nowak

Ahsaas Malhotra

In memory of our beloved babies, Grey and Rocket. Thank you for choosing us as your family and we hope that you are safe and loved up there. We will always remember you both and cherish the times we had together, we love you both dearly.

Grey and Rocket
Ailene Fields

Ailene Fields

Aishwarya Arya

Alan Chen

The love of our life, Ellie, passed away about two years ago from FIP. We would like to make this small donation in her honor. We truly appreciate the work you guys are doing and here's to hoping that the disease can be eradicated once and for all! Happy holidays and keep up the great work guys!


Alexandra Kibilko

My cat passed last Wednesday of FIP, he had the wet form, and we didnt find out until it was too late. Please, do anything you can to help cats in the future avoid suffering from this horrible virus... He was my baby

Mike D
Alexandra Rosa

Alexis and Mike Miloslavich

Our sweet baby JuJu passed away in August 2018 at just four months old... we only had him for six weeks and miss him everyday... this disease is very close to our hearts and we're happy people are working hard to find a cure.

Alice Sorrenti

Alison Zuber

Alison Zuber

Allison Joyce

I owe my Leo's life to this research and Robin.   In Henry's memory.  I will give more or monthly when I bounce back financially from Leo's treatment.

Alyson Ferrell

Amanda Charleston

For our little warrior, Bagel!

Amanda Root

Amardeepa Kohn

Amber and Boots FIP Survivor

I can't thank the research that has been done enough! Boots is still alive today because of it!

Amie Johnson Pfeifer

Amisha Zuber

Amy Bealer

In honor of Clove

Amy Cooper

Amy Deese

Very happy to contribute to this research and hoping a cure can be developed. In honor of Queen Alexa

Amy Jones

Amy Roberts

Amy Talmadge

Amy Thomas

Amy m. Keil

Andrew and Valerie Conte

Angela Bastiani

Angela Carriere

I want to see FIP be beaten once and for all so no more kitties or their parents have to suffer from it.

Anita Rodal

Awesome, what you do >^..^<

Anna Kat

Anna Khachatryan

Anna-lena Berg

Thank you for everything you do to help fight FIP.

Anna-lena Berg

Thanks Dr P for good advice

AnnaBanana ❤️

Annabel Brunk

Anne & Wayne Starkey

Anne Golcher

Anne Zaccardo


11 fat cat








I have no idea how the Warrior group got its start but I am so grateful for all of the love and support it provides. I brought my rehome 7 month old Savannah home in June and by August I was concerned he was declining. He was diagnosed with FIP and within a few days I found the warrior group and started treatment with no vet support at all. Tosh will be half way to the finish line tomorrow and he is doing great. I hope the donations help make treatment readily available and affordable to anyone who needs it. Thank you!









Your web site was how we found out about GS in time to save our cat. We heard you speak at the symposium







Keep the swag! Thank you for what you do!





Anonymous (9)

Ansley Carter

Anya Watts

Arlene Butz

How do I get help with accessing GS 441524 drug for my 4 month old kitten just diagnosed with FIP. Very heartbroken. Michelle Bryant

Arlene Butz

Ashleigh Marvin

Continue to be strong our FIP Warrior Smokey!

Ashleigh Marvin

Ashley Duke

Ashley Molenda

I lost my sweet kitten to FIP in early 2014. I am making contributions to this vital research in memory of Mr. Will. I hope one day no pet or pet owner will face the devastation that comes with this disease. Thank you for all that you do.

Mr Will
Ashley Nicole VIctoria Ciccone

Audrey Blake

I recently lost my kitten Frankie to FIP, i hope you find a cure and save other pets and their parents from the pain we went through.

Barbara Abbott

As you are a super lover of cats, this birthday donation has been made in your honor & with love from Porter & Anita

Barbara Ryan

This is in honor of my cat Indy who just graduated from his observation period after his GS treatment for FIP.

Barbara and Nikki

Batuhan Enet

Becky and Prince - FIP Survivor

Ben Cohen

Good luck:).

Ben Traverso

Benedicte G

In honor of fallen FIP Warrior Moo

Beth Emmons

FIP Warrior Clove

Beth Winser

In honor of our baby boy Baxter who's life was too short. I pray there is a cure soon.

Bia Costa & Tiago Stepanov

Please save my t-shirt for someone else.   I'm just happy to donate without needing for anything in return

Bill & Heather Paulsen

Blanca Sanchez

Bo Khine

In honor of Pluto, currently fighting FIP and planing to win

Bob & Ruth Johnson

In memory of Port Orange.

Port Orange
Bob Katz

Bob Page