In Honor of our beloved Oscar who lost his battle yesterday to this disease

— Josh Langdon

Thank you for what you do

— Mama Cyd Bradley  🐾🐾

In memory of Miss Bean, FIP Warrior

— Dr. Heather Kennedy 🐾

Hope they find a cure for this awful disease!

— Cyndi Gust

Just a little something for this wonderful cause... Thank you!!!

— Mirian Hasani

This donation is in loving memory of Olivia Elliott whose story appears on your FIP Fighters page. A cure cannot come soon enough.

— Susan Elliott

In memory of Nanachi, a street warrior full of love

— Lee Yang Cheng 🐾🐾

We thank our donors who have partnered with us to help find a cure for the deadly FIP disease. You are making a difference.

FIP Corporate Warriors


🐾 indicates repeat donations

Alejandrina 🐾🐾

Broccolo Amanda 🐾🐾

Amber and Boots FIP Survivor 🐾🐾

I can't thank the research that has been done enough! Boots is still alive today because of it!

EB Anderson  🐾🐾

Anonymous 🐾🐾

11 fat cat

Anonymous 🐾🐾

Anonymous 🐾🐾

Anonymous 🐾🐾

Anonymous 🐾🐾

I have no idea how the Warrior group got its start but I am so grateful for all of the love and support it provides. I brought my rehome 7 month old Savannah home in June and by August I was concerned he was declining. He was diagnosed with FIP and within a few days I found the warrior group and started treatment with no vet support at all. Tosh will be half way to the finish line tomorrow and he is doing great. I hope the donations help make treatment readily available and affordable to anyone who needs it. Thank you!

Anonymous 🐾🐾

Anonymous 🐾🐾

Porter & Anita Abbott 🐾🐾

Mario Arbore 🐾🐾


I am so thrilled to have come across your page. Wishing you all the best!

Cheryl Austel 🐾🐾

Sideways Bailey  🐾🐾

AnnaBanana 🐾🐾


Paul and Geralyn Bandur 🐾🐾

Jill Barone 🐾🐾

As always, in honour of my dear Odin and Loki. Forever in my heart. xxx

Jeff & Allison Bart 🐾🐾

Amy Bealer 🐾🐾

In honor of Clove

Mystie Beckwith 🐾🐾

For my Miss Merry Weather, who is just starting her fight against FIP. Thank you for this supporting vital research. Fingers crossed.

Anna-lena Berg 🐾🐾

Thank you for everything you do to help fight FIP.

M Bhatia  🐾🐾

Charlotte M Blaire - ZenByCat Ambassador

Audrey Blake 🐾🐾

I recently lost my kitten Frankie to FIP, i hope you find a cure and save other pets and their parents from the pain we went through.

Susanne Blanck 🐾🐾

Sharon Bolton 🐾🐾

Susan Borschel  🐾🐾

Malorie and Susan Boyd 🐾🐾

My little warrior Malorie is living proof that we can beat FIP.  But, we need the treatment to be less expensive and more readily available.  We’ve seen too many kitties die because their distraught parents simply couldn’t afford the treatment.  No kitty should die when there’s a way to save them but it’s just too expensive or vets don’t know about it or can’t mention it to the parents for fear of losing their license.  We also need a treatment with an even higher success rate.  Thank you for what you are doing!

Fallon Branch, MS, MSN 🐾🐾

Jesse Brisendine, Inc  🐾🐾

Annabel Brunk🐾🐾

Simona Bucurei 🐾🐾

Marshall & Jenny Buffington 🐾🐾

Our cat Sam just started treatment for FIP, we are learning so much & looking to do more for FIP research/support!

Jen Burk 🐾🐾

I am learning about FIP the hard way, and I am praying for a day where treatment is available to anyone who needs it.

Mama Cyd Bradley  🐾🐾

Thank you for what you do

Susan B & Marilyn 🐾🐾

June Calcutt 🐾🐾

Sarah Carter  🐾🐾

Tucker's Mom

Breda Carapito 🐾🐾

Natalia Castro 🐾🐾

For Tommy and the little ones that come after him. Love all cats.

Cat Tail Kitties Rescue 🐾🐾

Just would like to learn more on anything with kitties and that's why I chose Check out our website

Sherri & Chris, Dempsey's Mom's 🐾🐾

In honor of Dempsey, a 2017 UC Davis FIP Warrior!

Paula Caudill 🐾🐾

Carol  🐾🐾

Tom, Meredith & Moxie Chandler 🐾🐾

For Ally and Shiloh

Lee Yang Cheng  🐾🐾

In memory of Nanachi, a street warrior full of love

Brian Clark🐾🐾

The Barack Obameow Fan Club

Kim Class 🐾🐾

Thank you, I'm heartbroken right now and grateful to find your organization. I run an animal welfare organization and we have recently lost 3 kittens to FIP. I know FIP is always out there but when it hits home and hurts these innocent beings, it's so incredibly painful. Wishing it didn't exist doesn't help. Thank you for a way to move towards a cure.

Danielle & Adrian Cocos 🐾🐾

This donation is in honor of Leela, we pray that we can help make a difference in finding a cure to FIP so less families have to experience the loss of their fur babies and that the kitties can have a chance at life.

Deborah Cohen  🐾🐾

In memory of my own FIP warrior - bashful

Karin Coles  🐾🐾

Sarah Collins 🐾🐾

Elizabeth Colleran  🐾🐾

For Cookie Monster and all the love she brought to the world

Copper's Cat Commune 🐾🐾

In memory of Biscuit, and in honor of Trinket who is fighting now

Bia Costa & Tiago Stepanov 🐾🐾

Please save my t-shirt for someone else.   I'm just happy to donate without needing for anything in return

Andrew and Valerie Conte🐾🐾

Shannon Coyle  🐾🐾

Michelle Cranford 🐾🐾

mom to FIP Warrior Baku

Layla Curry 🐾🐾

My cat is currently fighting FIP and I want to support FIP research for treatments that have been proven to work. We all truly have to look back and see the impact our cats have had on our lives. We owe them so much for saving many of our lives in the smallest ways through love, companionship and sharing an ultimate bond. Thank you, for everything you do to fight FIP! Even on days where you feel stressed out or stuck, just know there are people like me out there supporting you 100% of the way.

Chris and Char Dailey 🐾🐾

Darcy 🐾🐾

Sue Deladi 🐾🐾

Bikhata Birmans

NeeCee Delk 🐾🐾

Mother of FIP Warriors Val & Felicia

Karen DeLucas 🐾🐾

My Henry honors Robin's Henry with this monthly donation.

Linda Dennis - Cat Friends 🐾🐾

Hi Peter and Zen by Cat, I would like to be able to donate more, but I hope this helps a little. Your cathouse is inspiring, amazing and beautifully made. I love the colors too, very bright and positive

Nancy Dennis 🐾🐾

Shannon & Dan Dexter 🐾🐾

After losing our two kittens to FIP in such a short amount of time, we are heartbroken and no family should have to lose their fur baby to such a horrible, fatal disease. Grateful for what you are doing, thank you.

Kimberly Dickey 🐾🐾

Hello! I personally know the heartache associated with FIP. I lost a 1.5yr old kitty who was not only my soul-mate but his kitty "sister's" soul-mate. We mourned him together and she was always looking for him to come home:( A few years later my step-grandpa brought me a kitten from a stray litter he cared for, who I instantly knew did not look right when I saw her. She passed the same day I got her the vet thinking very strongly was FIP. I couldn't believe I'd lost 2 to this "rare" disease but I'm seeing it more and more. A friend recently got his teenage daughter a kitten who wound up passing of FIP about a week very sad!!! I pray one day there will be a vaccine for this terrible disease, that coincidentally is a coronavirus mutant!

Ashley Duke🐾🐾

Brock Dumont 🐾🐾

Catherine Drescher 🐾🐾

Eddie  🐾🐾

Paul Einselen and Jenn Sommers 🐾🐾

Maiko & Eiryo 🐾🐾

Beth Emmons 🐾🐾

FIP Warrior Clove

Batuhan Enet 🐾🐾


Dustin and Courtney Evans 🐾🐾

Tori, Peter and Finn🐾🐾

Happy to be a member on behalf of our cat Finn - an FIP Warrior. Keep the research going and let's get this drug approved!

FIP Warriors 🐾🐾

Roxine and Charles Fischler 🐾🐾

In memory of our sweet Leela, our FIP Warrior. You will always be in our hearts.


Lorraine Fluharty 🐾🐾

After the loss of two kittens I want nothing more than to see the end of this horrible virus called FIP!  Thank you for all you are doing!  Lorraine

MarieElaina Franc🐾🐾

Cleopatra's mom


Christine Freitag🐾🐾

In baby Echo's memory

Hiroyuki Furumoto 🐾🐾

Adele Gaskin 🐾🐾

    Dirty Harry

Cole Gevurtz 🐾🐾

Leslie Gevutz 🐾🐾

Brooke Goldstein 🐾🐾

Dana Gordon 🐾🐾

Our cat, Buddy, was diagnosed with FIP in September. We have been grateful to find information and support to help Buddy fight this disease. In two weeks, we will be done with treatment. He seems like a whole new kitty with a new lease on life!

The Gorten Family🐾🐾

Team Rudy - The Gorten Family

Eleanor Goto & Gilbert Sausedo 🐾🐾

Raleigh Gout  🐾🐾

Thank you for saving my baby’s life, I can not explain how grateful I am. Mahalo

Kristeen Graves & Brandon Okelberry  🐾🐾

Kayla Gray 🐾🐾

The Purfect Royals

Kristen Gridley 🐾🐾

Kendall & Nancy Griner🐾🐾

Cynthia Guerrero 🐾🐾

Linda Hall 🐾🐾

Vicki Hampton Columbus, OH 🐾🐾

Xintong Han 🐾🐾

Coffee wishes all his fur friends could kick FIP's ass and the disease will be conquered one day.

Britany Hanks 🐾🐾

This is for the medicine that is saving my baby Rasengan. Without it he wouldnt have made it to his first birthday.

Mirian Hasani  🐾🐾

Jennifer Hernandez 🐾🐾

Ian Caldwell and Tricia Hester 🐾🐾

For our warrior, Curio, and all the lives affected by FIP.

Pamela Hodermann 🐾🐾

In memory of Demi

Kevin Hogle 🐾🐾

Jack, Lily & Petey Hughes 🐾🐾

Machelle Hunt 🐾🐾

Rosann Hunt 🐾🐾

a small monthly donation to help fund the research for a cure, lets hope that breakthrough is soon!

Rich & Cherie Huntington 🐾🐾

Holly I

Thank you helping to fight this wretched disease called FIP.


Macia ime eshte e semure me FIP (My cat has FIP)

Ginger Icenhour 🐾🐾

Helping Ike fight FIP - thanks for all you do!

Ivvone 🐾🐾

Harriet Jane 🐾🐾

Todd Jaye 🐾🐾

Valerie Jeglum 🐾🐾

Isabel Johns 🐾🐾

Lucy Johnson 🐾🐾

Lisa Johnston 🐾🐾

I pray one day you find a cure for this silent killer

Amy Jones 🐾🐾

Chelsea Kapp 🐾🐾

Hargita Kaplan 🐾🐾

Memory of Gracie

Amy m. Keil 🐾🐾

Colleen Kelly 🐾🐾

Robin Kintz 🐾🐾


Simone Klock 🐾🐾

Team Erik

Karen Klyczek🐾🐾

Denise Kornblatt 🐾🐾

Denise Simon's Mommy

Mirian Hasani 🐾🐾

Candice Hiles 🐾🐾

Patricia Irizarry 🐾🐾

Nice Kaneza  🐾🐾

Nancy Karen 🐾🐾

Jamie and Karley  🐾🐾

Dr. Heather Kennedy 🐾

In memory of Miss Bean, FIP Warrior

Paisarn Kerdphon  🐾🐾

Anna Khachatryan  🐾🐾

Jordan Hughes & Alexandra Kibilko for our Mike D

In memory of my Mike D, in hopes that no other kitty passes in this way

Molly King 🐾🐾

Tamara King/ Linda DeShazo🐾🐾

In honor of Princess Sophia and McCoy

Mary Kladnik🐾🐾

Thanks, Peter, for continuing to ask for money. You have plucked my heartstrings and found another donor. Marci

Vickie Knapp🐾🐾

Amardeepa Kohn  🐾🐾

Sarah Korf 🐾🐾

Tatiana Kremer 🐾🐾

toni kwiatkowski 🐾🐾


Judy Landry 🐾🐾

Mo Lange 🐾🐾

Thank you, my cat is being cured as I write this!!

Josh Langdon 🐾🐾

In memory of Oscar


Linda Long 🐾🐾

Holly Lepere  🐾🐾

Susan Leroy 🐾🐾

Reesie Le 🐾🐾

My husband and I just lost our baby girl Mochi to wet FIP on 9/12/19.   We are so devastated and still in shock.  We want to help this foundation and help raise more awareness for this awful disease.  Please let us know what else we can do to raise awareness and advocate for all the FIP warriors out there.    We want to honor our little Mochi.


Donna Ursini Lewis 🐾🐾

Nancy Looney 🐾🐾

Laura Carina Martinez 🐾🐾

Thank you for your dedication to cats.

Samantha Martin  🐾🐾

Amazing Acro Cats

Lenora Martorelli 🐾🐾

For Henry

Ashleigh Marvin 🐾🐾

Continue to be strong our FIP Warrior Smokey!

Susanne March 🐾🐾

Stacy Marczak  🐾🐾

Fumie Matsuoka 🐾🐾

Tammy McCarthy 🐾🐾

Michael McRae 🐾🐾

Ryan McMahan 🐾🐾

Monika Megenney 🐾🐾

Thank you for everything you do to help fight FIP!

Melissa Milloit 🐾🐾

I am currently fighting FIP with my baby, Eli. I want to help fight this terrible disease by making a contribution.

Alexis and Mike Miloslavich 🐾🐾

Our sweet baby JuJu passed away in August 2018 at just four months old... we only had him for six weeks and miss him everyday... this disease is very close to our hearts and we're happy people are working hard to find a cure.


Rob Milton 🐾🐾

Humble Cat Mom 🐾🐾

Remdesivir research looks promising

Ian & Kimberly Moore 🐾🐾

Paula Mota 🐾🐾

Judith Munday 🐾🐾

Takashi Murase 🐾🐾

Cocoa Nagoya

Max and Missy Murphy🐾🐾

Bryce Murray 🐾🐾

For BooBoo and Hershee

Kevin and Jenny Nielsen 🐾🐾

Yesenia Nieto 🐾🐾

Magda Nowak 🐾🐾

Warrior Luna Lovegood wouldn't be here without people like you. More research into FIP is needed, so thank you for everything that you do.

Cat Man of West Oakland 🐾🐾

Jimena Ochoa 🐾🐾

Kristin Olson🐾🐾

The Kitangle Krew is happy to be fighting FIP!

Ian OMalley 🐾🐾

Kaori Ouchi 🐾🐾


Candice Fletcher Overly 🐾🐾

In Honor of my FIP Warrior Inky Binky that is currently fighting this disease.

Camilla Owen 🐾🐾

In memory of my FIP Angels Matilda and Aussie

Carissa Pacheco 🐾🐾

My donation is included in the loving memory of my beautiful Tortie Kitten, Mochi, who was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP. As fur baby owners, you feel powerless when you're told there's nothing you can do for them and that their illness is terminal. Zen By Cat has given me the hope that I wished for that one day; we will have a cure for this cruel disease.


Bob Page 🐾🐾

Michael Pammer 🐾🐾

James Park🐾🐾

I hope this will help your research

Tracie Peddy 🐾🐾

Buddy & Louise Pereira 🐾🐾

in memory of Gonzales our sweet English kitty

Elizabeth Perry 🐾🐾


Michelle Peterson 🐾🐾

Molly Pieroni🐾🐾

In honor of Henry and his human Robin. May their leadership and love help find a cure.

Teresa Preston 🐾🐾

For FIP Warrior Natasha

Michele Price 🐾🐾

Jennifer Purdon 🐾🐾

Jennifer for Bentley

Mariann Quick & Jason Baskin 🐾🐾

Mary Quimby  🐾🐾

Vivipet INC  🐾🐾

D Ramsey 🐾🐾

Laura Ray 🐾🐾

Roberto Regoli 🐾🐾

FIP is such a cruel illness. I have lost my little Yuri recently. He was one year old. I am happy to see Smokey alive.


Morgan Renken 🐾🐾

Kate Richards 🐾🐾


Rita Reimers Inc🐾🐾

Amy Roberts 🐾🐾

Jamison & Debra Roberts 🐾🐾

Our Luna is proof that UCD is on the edge of a cure for FIP...but funding is necessary to convince the drug companies to manufacture the drug that Luna is on (and the one before it.) . Please consider a recurring monthly donation.

Tori Rodman and Finn 🐾🐾


Tara Rogic 🐾🐾

Octoavio Rojas 🐾🐾

This research saved my cat's life I'd donate more if it wasn't for her treatment.

Amanda Root 🐾🐾

Christie Russell  🐾🐾

In memory of my Peanut

Brittany Russum 🐾🐾

Bucky and the amazing family of cats

Claudia Rybski 🐾🐾

Mariko Sakamoto 🐾🐾

Miranda S🐾🐾

Sara 🐾🐾

Oswald Sarenius 🐾🐾

Danielle Sauers 🐾🐾

Sandra Savitridewi 🐾🐾

Lorelei Von Schilling 🐾🐾

Brittany and Jason🐾🐾

Joe Semonelli 🐾🐾

Thanking UC Davis Veterinary College for being the leaders in the fight against FIP.
For Tucker. From his brothers Blue and Bugsby.

Maria Sheehan 🐾🐾

Melanie Simon 🐾🐾

Joy Smilth 🐾🐾

Dr Nancy Smyth 🐾🐾

Oliver Ginger Snap 🐾🐾

Renee Sowers 🐾🐾

Krista Stafford 🐾🐾

Cat Krista, in memory of Mr Long John Silver and all the fallen kitties

Nadara Stamps 🐾🐾

Will try to increase when I am in better shape financially. Thanks for your help in FIP research

Jennifer and Chibi Stephens 🐾🐾

Jeff, Allie, and Cat Stevens (our FIP Warrior)

We've been treating our cat, Cat Stevens, for FIP using GS-441524. It has been a difficult and trying process, and we hope that there will be better remedies, or at least ways to gain access to this drug in the future.
    Cat Stevens

Jennifer Stocks 🐾🐾

Kayla Stoker 🐾🐾

For Julius. I miss him everyday


Kristina Suslova  🐾🐾

Kristina from Samara, Russia

Nicole Sweets 🐾🐾

Nikki and Tater Tot

Ron & Jasmine Taibi🐾🐾

Amy Talmadge 🐾🐾

Hanmei Tang 🐾🐾

Brittany Tapply 🐾🐾

Jeffyne Telson 🐾🐾

Good work!

Donna Theese 🐾🐾

Paula Thompson 🐾🐾

I am donating in honor of my precious Miranda that I lost two years ago to FIP. (I posted her story up on your site.) She was the sweetest baby and I pray that a cure will be found to wipe out this horrible disease so other kitties will not suffer and die. I miss her each and every day!


Lisa Tomiak  🐾🐾

Sylvia Torres  🐾🐾

For my girl Emily

Edison Tseng 🐾🐾

Milagros Viquez 🐾🐾

I lost my Tucky Tuck 13 months ago and I miss him with every fiber of my being. I can’t wait to be reunited with him one day. FIP is one of the most heartbreaking diseases ever. Right now I can donate this much but once I finish this financial rough patch, I will donate much more. Thank you for the work you do. Thank you so much. My Tuckums is gone but if it saves another family from this type of devastation, if at least a few more cats like Smokey can lead a longer, happier more fulfilling life, that is all that matters. Thank you!

Russ Vollmer 🐾🐾

We're currently treating two FIP Kittens and hope a cure will be available thru vets soon!

Sue Wagner 🐾🐾

In honor of my little Warrior Betty and all that unfortunately have or will encounter this disease. Together, lets work toward putting an end to FIP!

Tiffany Wall 🐾🐾

To Peanut, Lily, Romeo, Willow, Blossom, Simba & Nala forever in my hearts

Thomas Wands 🐾🐾

Ovi FIP Warrior

Darla Warnock 🐾🐾

Dee Wattage 🐾🐾

FIP stamper outer

Anya Watts  🐾🐾

Emilia Waszkielewicz 🐾🐾

For Irene - my little FIP fighter and the bravest soul I know


Brittany White 🐾🐾

Margaret Write 🐾🐾

Lulu Wu 🐾🐾

Ying Wu 🐾🐾

In memory of Drew

Justin Yoffe  🐾🐾

Jacqui Young & Walter Jalbert🐾🐾

Tom Young 🐾🐾

Keith Zabel - Palm Springs Animal Shelter🐾🐾

I'm on the Board of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and trying to stay up to date on all things cats. I help oversee our WorkingCATS program (aka Barn Cats and GardenCATS) as well as our Trap Neuter Return program.

Anne Zaccardo 🐾🐾

Alison Zuber  🐾🐾

Amisha Zuber 🐾🐾

Sierra t Zuber 🐾🐾

Suzanne Zvers 🐾🐾

Team Gus Zvers - FIP Warrior


Jennie Anderson

Anonymous (9)







Your web site was how we found out about GS in time to save our cat. We heard you speak at the symposium

Yoshiaki Aburaya

Shawn Aller

Glad to donate to find a cure.

Porter & Anita Abbott

Barbara Abbott

As you are a super lover of cats, this birthday donation has been made in your honor & with love from Porter & Anita

Ruriko Akasaka

I hope you can find a cure and Smokey survive from FIP.

Aishwarya Arya

Daryl Baboulis

Christine Bagetakos

Claudine Baggetto

Natalie Baker

The Spirit of Dance Studio

Pete Braden

Evylyn Baran

Tracey Beck

Natasha & Becky

Anna-lena Berg

Thanks Dr P for good advice

Hobbes Berlingieri

Peter Booth

This is for Freyja who is still with us.

Jody Boyman

Emily Brewer

Jeremy Brownstein

Lost our beloved cat to FIP! Thanks for all your work. :)

Martina Brychtova

for FIP research

Justin Buckner

I'm glad I can be a part of making a difference toward helping to find a cure against FIP! :)

Oliver Bundy

My roommate picked up a kitten off the street and we all fell in love with her. She's been with us for a few months and she's the sweetest kitty in the world. She cuddles with everyone, even the dog. She's had medical problems ever since she came here and we recently found out she might have FIP. Her blood is getting tested and we'll hear the results soon. I've been looking into FIP and found you guys. I really hope you guys can cure this sickness so other cats don't have to suffer

Arlene Butz

How do I get help with accessing GS 441524 drug for my 4 month old kitten just diagnosed with FIP. Very heartbroken.

Michelle Bryant

Shelley Bryant
Carol Byrne

Sorry for the small amount (and the weird amount).  Love seeing the pics and videos of your cats!

Margo Caigoy

June Calcutt

Crystal Callans

Maureen Camfield 🐾

One day there will be no more suffering. RIP sweet Percy, until we play kiddening, buggies, and birdies with you again.

Dylan Campbell

This donation is made in honor of Bagels, King of Biscuits.

Angela Carriere

I want to see FIP be beaten once and for all so no more kitties or their parents have to suffer from it.

Ruth Cartledge

In honor of Susan Leroy, and in memory of Angeltree Tri-wizard Flitterby AKA Flitter


Alan Chen
The love of our life, Ellie, passed away about two years ago from FIP. We would like to make this small donation in her honor. We truly appreciate the work you guys are doing and here's to hoping that the disease can be eradicated once and for all! Happy holidays and keep up the great work guys!

Lydia Corona-Craig

Ben Cohen

Good luck:).

Jon Cohen

Kellie Kennedy-Cohen

Peter Cohen 🐾

In honor of Miss Bean

Karin Coles 🐾

Elizabeth Colleran

For Cookie Monster and all the love she brought to the world

Amy Cooper

Laurie Crasnick

Destiny Crary

Doug Crow

My friends cat is fighting FIP, on meds now and showing some improvement, so fingers crossed! Let's beat this terrible disease!

Jeanne Dams

Sabrina Daugherty

Amy Deese 🐾

Very happy to contribute to this research and hoping a cure can be developed.
In honor of Queen Alexa

William Demarais

In remembrance of my little girl Winkers

Kathleen Deremiah

In honor of Cookie Monster. Thank you for all you do.

Nicole Dey

Federico Di Luzio

May this go to either research or someone who cannot afford the medication for their cat!

Nancy Dionne

Hilary and Linda Dozer

Linda Dragavon

Brock Dumont
Jeff Dutcher

Paula Edelman (Bentley's Aunt Paula)

In honor of Bentley

Susan Elliott

This donation is in loving memory of Olivia Elliott whose story appears on your FIP Fighters page. A cure cannot come soon enough.


Courtney & Dustin Evans 🐾

This donation is made in loving memory of our baby boy, Rocket.  We had such a short time with him, but he has impacted our lives in such a loving and purrfect way.  Always in our hearts.


Elaine S. Ewen

Chrystal Fanelli

Dana Faletti

We just lost our 5 month old precious kitten, Bily Fluffy Faletti (BFF) to FIP. This donation is in his name.

Emily Farr

Ailene Fields

Mimi and Bill Fondren

Jessica Franklin

For Beans who is a year FIP free (and for Jamilah, who we lost but died FIP free)

Carrie Froseth

My baby boy Iscar died of FIPs many years ago. I miss him so much.  Thanks for your work!

Hiroyuki Furumoto

Thank you for helping the FIP research

Benedicte G

In honor of fallen FIP Warrior Moo

Julie Garcia

Janice Garrett 🐾

Ryan Geithman

In honor of Smoke, a six month old FIP Warrior

Gewls Gentile

Marian Getz

Best wishes finding a cure!

Susan Gingrich 🐾

Maggie Gobat

Anne Golcher

Cyndi Gust

Hope they find a cure for this awful disease!

Kathy Guthrie

Nancy Hansen-Aguirre

Dottie Harrelson

I wish I could give individually to each of the little ones needing help, but this small contribution to the medical research will have to do. Thank you for the good works you are doing to save these precious kitties!

Kelly Harris

Karen Hart

Mirian Hasani

just a little something for this wonderful cause... Thank you!!!

Jason Havey

Tanya Hayward

Michelle Heart

Julie Heiser

For little Marlowe

Diane Himes

Duncan Holbrook

Bunni Hopper

I love your desire and drive to help these sweet cats.

Dailene Hudson

Our daughter-in-law, Martyna Hudson, requested her birthday gift be a donation to your organization

Heather Hudson

In Memory of Irene Waszkielewicz. Donated for Tynka's birthday!


Rebecca Husmann

FIP Warrior Cat Sasha

Mary Ingram

Lost my cat, Bubsy, to FIP in 2014.  He was 2 years old.  One of the most heart-breaking losses I've been through.   Hope this can help so fewer folks and cats have to go through that.

Cyndi Jukowski

Thank YOU for all you do in the fight against FIP, Peter!

Doralee Jacobson

Eric Johnson

We are fortunate that Basil has beaten FIP with GC376.  Hoping and praying that his FCoV positive siblings; Ashley, Bentley, and Natasha never develop FIP.   An affordable and widely available cure must be developed as soon as possible.   Thank you for all of your efforts, Peter.

Jennifer Jones

Please put a end to dreadful FIP, had way to many die with it. (more wet than dry). Thank you.

Allison Joyce

I owe my Leo's life to this research and Robin.   In Henry's memory.  I will give more or monthly when I bounce back financially from Leo's treatment.

Brian Kikkawa

Young Kil Jung

Hargita Kaplan

I lost my Gracie girl to FIP three years ago this April 30th. I miss her every single day. She was diagnosed with Dry FIP not long after her spay. Similar to Miss Bean, she just never got her energy back and had eye issues. Gracie was a week away from starting her experimental treatment at UC Davis when she passed. She was our special sphynx baby who will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for doing what you do and for sharing your stories!

Anna Kat

Bob Katz
Lorraine Keane

Colleen Kelly 🐾

Jim Kennedy

Bo Khine

In honor of Pluto, currently fighting FIP and planing to win


Alexandra Kibilko

My cat passed last Wednesday of FIP, he had the wet form, and we didnt find out until it was too late. Please, do anything you can to help cats in the future avoid suffering from this horrible virus... He was my baby

   Mike D

Kylie Kiel

Karma Kitty
Ingo Koch

Christine Kopitzke

Renee Kogure

Denise Kornblatt

Spreading the love for FIP research and ZenByCat

Michael Kostka

Natasha Kuempel

Liliana Kusuma

Jennifer LaFleur

Ruslan Lagutin

Josh Langdon

In Honor of our beloved Oscar who lost his battle yesterday to this disease


Linda Langdon

In Honor of our beloved Oscar who lost his battle yesterday to this disease


Mavis Leahy

In honor of Michelle Waters B day

Holly Lepere

Bruce LeToumeau

Nine and 1/2" Lives Cat Rescue

Pak Man Leung

In memory of Terra(27/10/2018)

Joanna Li

for research to make a cure available. We lost our beloved cat last week to FIP and do not ever want to see more cat owners lose their cats to this awful disease. Thank you for all that you do

Louis Linden

Kelly Lopes

For Smokey, from your Wrigley Kittens friends. Praying that love and science come together and bring us a miracle!

Heather Lorimer

Susan LeRoy 🐾

In support of FIP research and in honor of Jeffyne Telson's birthday.
Thank you for going above and beyond to help Miss Bean and to support finding a cure for FIP.
Please accept my donation of $100 in honor of Jeffyne Telson's birthday this past October 15, 2017.

Fergus Lo


Kelly McHugh Lopes

On behalf of my friend and kitty-loving friend Brandyce Howard. Thanks to her for trusting me with her real estate transactions this year, and thank you for the tireless work you do to help end FIP.

The Maness Family

Paula Matthews

Thank you for your dedication to cats.

Ashleigh Marvin

Marisol Mayell

Elizabeth Maxwell

Keep working to save kitties' lives.

Tammy McCarthy 🐾

To Smokey. Keep Fighting!!  With love, Tammy

Trent McPheron

For Ozzy:)

Joseph McRobert

Please find a cure soon!

Laura Messa

Stef Miller

Kyle Molee

Stu's Mom

In memory of little Stu

Peter Moran

Hope this donation helps in the research for a cure!!!!!

Valerie Moreno

Susan Morris

Walt Morris

Valentina Moscati Moscati

Crystal Moudy

Agnieszka Nowak

Ingrid Niesman

Jung Maylee Oddo 🐾

Stacy Oliveira

In remembrance of Bindi, my FIP warrior.

Brandon Parker

Adam Pearsall

Jessica Peck

Elizabeth Perry

Wishing for a cure!

Martha W. Perry

Dante Pettis

I am donating the value of one FerrisCatWheel from ZiggyDoo
Janine Raney
I lost my Yoshi to FIP. Time to end this disease.

Amie Johnson Pfeifer

Nadine Piontka

Safe and peaceful journey Poppyseed

Lorena Pizzinga

Lovorka Prpic

Vishka Vila

Mallory Rabold

I recently lost my 10 month kitten Woody to the wet form of FIP. I am absolutely shattered.  I will donate as much as I can as often as I can.

Bob Ralston

In memory of my beloved tabby named "Possum" who died of hyperthyroidism just before her 15th birthday

Heather and Warren Reese

Thank you for all you do for the kitties!

Morgan Renken

Bren Rivers

Linda Robyn

Kathy Roy

Mary Rubin

This is in the name of a little cat named Toby in San Jose, Ca that just succumbed FIP yesterday. Devastating.

Deborah Russell

Barbara Ryan

This is in honor of my cat Indy who just graduated from his observation period after his GS treatment for FIP.

Elizabeth Saavedra-Bayat

Happy to support the cause!

Sue Sadler-Pare

Donation by the Estate of Spencer H. Sadler, for his love of All Creatures Great and Small

Renee Sanborn

Blanca Sanchez

Renee Sanchez

Keep up the fight for our beautiful felines! There has to be a drug that can prevent it! Thank you!!

Shannon Sanderson

This donation is in honor of FIP Warrior, Barack Obameow.

Daniela Scherner

Gal Schkolnik

Susan Schlee

I had a black (rescued) kitten named Bo that I had to euthanize because there was no cure for FIP. We all loved him, including the dogs and the other kitties I have.

Caroline Sereyko

In honor of Mila and all the FIP kitties we weren't able to save at my shelter

Sandy Simmons

Marie Sirotniak

Thank you for the work that you are doing. My friend sent me a video she saw on Facebook (I don't do Facebook). But I DO love folks that are making a life changing difference for cats. My pleasure to donate a little.

Diane Smith

Annihilate FIP!

Susan Smith

TL Sol

Valerie Sosa

Your website is what showed up in google when I searched FIP also led me to the   fip warriors page where I found treatment for my kitty. Thank you.

Roxanne Spenceley

Finding this site in the nick of time may be the answer I need to curing my Apollo.

Anne & Wayne Starkey

Lindsey Stasko

ReNae Stueve

ReNae and Olivia

Lucy Nadya Stoy

Naomi Tanaka

Thank you

Demi Taylor & Matthew Busch

Here to find the cure for FIP

Tiffany & Cat

My cat Mr. Pickles passed away this past Christmas from FIP & I would love to find a cure so people like me don’t ever have to experience of the loss of a feline baby. He was only 11 months old & was the best kitty ever. Thank you for your dedication to finding a cure.

Judy Tran

The Team at Trillium Enterprises

We stand with you in the fight against FIP

Jeffyne Telson 🐾

My birthday gift to the cats and to you my friend. :)

Ben Traverso

Edison Tseng

Su Ling Ung

Gabriel Janse Van Rensburg

Lori Visioli

Peter Winn

Sean Yeager-Diamond

A Walker

Jamie Walker

Janina Waszkielewicz

In memory of Irene Waszkielewicz

Kristi Weber-Suarez

Kiki...for Clyde and Cash. Meet me at the Rainbow Bridge!


Penny Westberry

Linda Wilson

Ronelle Wilson

Beth Winser

In honor of our baby boy Baxter who's life was too short. I pray there is a cure soon.

Alison Zuber

Liubov Zvereva

Hycomb Marketing

Thank you for inspiring us daily.

Snuggly Cat

Trillium Enterprises

Happy Birthday Peter! From your Trillium Family.

Litter Genie