Since 1968, EveryCat Health Foundation has awarded grants for groundbreaking research that benefits every cat, every day. From disease prevention and veterinary treatment to healthy home habits, we advance the science of better medicine for millions of cats and their cat-loving owners just like us.

And through our partnership with EveryCat Health Foundation through the Bria Fund, ZenByCat is able to support the work of researchers like Dr. Pederson and others who are seeking to end this horrible disease known is FIP.   Click HERE to see some of the research we have helped fund.

EveryCat-supported health studies have helped veterinarians improve the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and conditions, changing the way feline medicine is practiced. Read about the grants we’ve funded below.


EveryCat Health Foundation advances feline health by supporting groundbreaking research and education. The research articles and summaries detailed here cannot be used for specific advice on your cat’s medical conditions. If you have questions about your cat’s health, remember that your own veterinary healthcare team is always the appropriate source for immediate medical needs and information.


American Association of Feline Practitioners/EveryCat Health Foundation 2022 FIP Diagnosis Guidelines

AAFP FIP Diagnosis Guildlines