FieldHaven Feline Center created FIP Stars to help guide cat owners to treatment options while providing emotional and logistical support. Since January 2021, FieldHaven has been involved in treating more than 30 cats and kittens with incredible success. Recently, FieldHaven teamed up with ZenByCat to launch an awareness campaign to inform cat owners and veterinarians that FIP does not have to be a death sentence.

“There is a treatment that is often successful, there are ways to get medication and there are fundraising options to help cover the cost,” says Joy Smith, co-founder and executive director for FieldHaven. “ZenByCat has been on the forefront of raising funds for research and treatment for years. Now that treatment, while not without challenge, is becoming more mainstream. With a collaboration of ZenByCat and FieldHaven, we can combine efforts to get the message out. We also work closely with FIP Warriors® 5.0, who have been essential in helping us treat kittens at FieldHaven. We do not want to lose cats simply because cat owners or veterinarians don’t know about the treatment, or skeptical of it. We are going to do something about it.”

ZenByCat is thrilled to be working with FieldHaven to help get the word out that FIP is a treatable disease. ZenByCat remains focused on getting more humans to give monthly donations to fund the continuing FIP research working on better drugs, a definitive test for FIP, and a vaccine. We also help people find treatment working with FIP Warriors® 5.0 and now FieldHaven. We encourage people to share their FIP Warrior's stories including fundraising links on our website.

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FieldHaven Feline Center:

FieldHaven FIP Stars: https://fieldhavencom/programs/fip


Mochi FIP Warrior and Survivor
Gridley FIP Warrior