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Our beloved kitten Mochi was diagnosed with wet FIP on 1-2-21 at the age of 5 months old. He is the baby of the family as we have three additional
rescue kitties. This was a completely devastating diagnosis to us so we began our search for treatment. He had been completely healthy just a couple of days before. I noticed that his belly was looking a little rounder & he quit chasing his favorite spring toy. We took him to see the ER vet & felt completely blindsided by the news. We were able to get connected quickly & started treatment 10 hours later. So far, he is doing amazingly well! He is gaining weight, playing like a banshee again, eating, grooming, & is a happy loving boy. He is the sweetest purr machine & such a trooper putting up with all the vet visits, blood draws, & treatment. He has remained a loving lap kitty & we are feeling so grateful & blessed that this life saving treatment is working!We love our boy more than words can even convey. Best wishes to all the fellow Warriors, fight hard!

UPDATE: Mochi completed her 84 day observation period on on June 18, 2021 and is considered cured of FIP.

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