Cat Cave

House Of Nekko is undergoing major changes! We are adding a Cat Cave* designed to provide lots of open space for the Cats of House Of Nekko. Why is it called a Cat Cave? Well it will be in a basement—one of the first basements that this city has ever had. In addition to our ZenByCat catwalks, we are adding some very special features for our rescue kitties designed by Square Paws and other great designers. But Rome wasn't built overnight so it is going to take a while—8 months give or take. You can watch all of the progress on this project and get a first glimpse of the surprise features here. The latest pictures and videos will be at the top. Scroll down to see how far we have gotten.

*Please know that the Cat Cave is not a part of ZenByCat; absolutely no ZenByCat proceeds have gone to the building and expansion of the House of Nekko.