In Honor of our beloved Oscar who lost his battle yesterday to this disease

— Josh Langdon

Thank you for what you do

— Mama Cyd Bradley  🐾🐾

In memory of Miss Bean, FIP Warrior

— Dr. Heather Kennedy 🐾

Hope they find a cure for this awful disease!

— Cyndi Gust

Just a little something for this wonderful cause... Thank you!!!

— Mirian Hasani

This donation is in loving memory of Olivia Elliott whose story appears on your FIP Fighters page. A cure cannot come soon enough.

— Susan Elliott

In memory of Nanachi, a street warrior full of love

— Lee Yang Cheng 🐾🐾

We thank our donors who have partnered with us to help find a cure for the deadly FIP disease. You are making a difference.

FIP Corporate Warriors


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In memory of Kinin Kinin avrei voluto potere fare di più per te ma sono arrivata troppo tardi. Sempre nel mio cuore







Anonymous (9)

Ansley Carter

Anya Watts

Arlene Butz

How do I get help with accessing GS 441524 drug for my 4 month old kitten just diagnosed with FIP. Very heartbroken. Michelle Bryant

Arlene Butz

Ashleigh Marvin

Continue to be strong our FIP Warrior Smokey!

Ashleigh Marvin

Ashley Ball

In memory of Keylime

Ashley Duke

Ashley Molenda

I lost my sweet kitten to FIP in early 2014. I am making contributions to this vital research in memory of Mr. Will. I hope one day no pet or pet owner will face the devastation that comes with this disease. Thank you for all that you do.

Mr Will
Ashley Nicole VIctoria Ciccone

Audrey Blake

I recently lost my kitten Frankie to FIP, i hope you find a cure and save other pets and their parents from the pain we went through.

Barb Kaplan

I lost 3 cats to FIP, so this is in memory of Angel, Cassie, and Amber.

Angel, Cassie, and Amber
Barbara Abbott

As you are a super lover of cats, this birthday donation has been made in your honor & with love from Porter & Anita

Barbara Ryan

This is in honor of my cat Indy who just graduated from his observation period after his GS treatment for FIP.

Barbara and Nikki


Batuhan Enet

Becky and Prince - FIP Survivor

Ben Cohen

Good luck:).

Ben Traverso

Benedicte G

In honor of fallen FIP Warrior Moo

Beth Emmons

FIP Warrior Clove

Beth Werner

Supporting FIP research and Warriors Treatment Fund

Beth Winser

In honor of our baby boy Baxter who's life was too short. I pray there is a cure soon.

Bia Costa & Tiago Stepanov

Please save my t-shirt for someone else.   I'm just happy to donate without needing for anything in return

Bill & Heather Paulsen

Blanca Sanchez

Bo Khine

In honor of Pluto, currently fighting FIP and planing to win

Bob & Julie

Thank You for your help, without it my girl Sarah would not have lived

Bob & Ruth Johnson

In memory of Port Orange.

Port Orange
Bob Katz

Bob Page

Bob Ralston

In memory of my beloved tabby named "Possum" who died of hyperthyroidism just before her 15th birthday

Bolt Farm Treehouse

Bonnie Hall and Robert Chubrilo

Bonnie Lundin

Bonnie Zelazek

Brandon Parker

Breda Carapito

Bren Rivers

Brenda Green

Brent & Tom Team Nada

Thanks for all you do!!!

Brent C

Just wanted to honor three people. Zelda Fitzgerald, Julian Hayward and Sam Robshaw my amazing administrators in the FIP Warrior group.

Brian Clark

The Barack Obameow Fan Club

Brian Kikkawa

Bridget McGowan

Saving them one at a time, until FIP doesn’t exist.

Britany Hanks

This is for the medicine that is saving my baby Rasengan. Without it he wouldnt have made it to his first birthday.

Brittany Russum

Bucky and the amazing family of cats

Brittany Tape

My friend in AZ called me in tears because her cat most likely has FIP. I searched around and found the FIP Warriors. Thanks to the warriors, Mikayla's cat Luna has a fighting chance. I'm so happy that my friend has hope and support from everyone who made this treatment option possible. Thank you so much!!

Brittany Tapply

Brittany White

Brittany and Jason

Broccolo Amanda

Brock Dumont

Brock Dumont

Brooke Goldstein

Bruce LeToumeau

Nine and 1/2" Lives Cat Rescue

Bryce Murray

For BooBoo and Hershee

Buddy & Louise Pereira

in memory of Gonzales our sweet English kitty

Bunni Hopper

I love your desire and drive to help these sweet cats.

Butters Stotch


I am so thrilled to have come across your page. Wishing you all the best!

Cackie and Patrick

I just lost my beloved Lillie to this horrendous disease. My wonderful FIP Warrior Admins pointed me in your direction. I feel privileged to be able to donate money towards hopefully ending FIP as soon as possible.Thank you for all your hard work.

Camila M

In memory of sweet, loving Romain

Camilla Owen

In memory of my FIP Angels Matilda and Aussie

Candice Fletcher Overly

In Honor of my FIP Warrior Inky Binky that is currently fighting this disease.

Candice Hiles


Thank you for your dedication to find a cure for this disease.

Carissa & Ryan Zornes

In loving memory of Cornelius, our FIP angel who passed at the age of 5 months back in 2018

Carissa Pacheco

My donation is included in the loving memory of my beautiful Tortie Kitten, Mochi, who was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP. As fur baby owners, you feel powerless when you're told there's nothing you can do for them and that their illness is terminal. Zen By Cat has given me the hope that I wished for that one day; we will have a cure for this cruel disease.


Carol Abd of ....For Paws and Tails, Inc

Carol Byrne

Sorry for the small amount (and the weird amount).  Love seeing the pics and videos of your cats!

Carol Raber Crego

This is in memory of my awesome step father who was the forensic pathologist at Cottage Hospital starting in the 1950's. He loved being involved in medical research. He also loved cats and would have enjoyed knowing about Zen By Cat.

Caroline Bachand

Caroline Sereyko

In honor of Mila and all the FIP kitties we weren't able to save at my shelter

Carrie Froseth

My baby boy Iscar died of FIPs many years ago. I miss him so much.  Thanks for your work!

Caryn Campbell

Carys Dunn

In loving memory of Bunny, a FIP cat found on the streets of Istanbul

Cat Man of West Oakland

Cat Tail Kitties Rescue

Just would like to learn more on anything with kitties and that's why I chose Check out our website


Catherine Drescher

Chandler Younts

Charlotte M Blaire - ZenByCat Ambassador

Chelsea Kapp