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I adopted Hitman when he was 4 months old in January of 2020, he came from a shelter down state. He was a companion for our other 4 month old kitten, Assassin we got in November 2019. Since March of 2020, he started to get diarrhea. We tried numerous antibiotics, deworming, diets, and nothing worked. We recently went to a internal specialist and found his blood protein has been rising and he tested positive for the corona virus test. This week, his rectum prolapsed from the bad dirrhea he had. Since then we had to get surgery. He’s still fighting and doing good, but he’s slowly declining. I was to look into this treatment. I have not started treatment because I just don’t know where to start. Please help.

UPDATE: FIP Warrior Hitman completed his observation period and has been cured and living a happy and healthy life since April 2021:)