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Mike D

Mike D was a sweetie pie, and was always praised for his health (and handsomeness). He was a best friend, and also an Emotional Support Animal for me (Alex), with diagnosed Major Depressive Disorder. He would cuddle me every day, make sure I was okay if I wasn't feeling well, and always loved cuddles and belly pets. He was quite literally a child and a savior to me. However, just 2 months ago, he began to lose weight. Concerned, we took him to the vet, they said everything was fine, he just had a high white blood cell count they wanted to keep an eye on. Over the next two months he slowly but surely gained back his weight, but suddenly, a little over a week ago, his weight dropped dramatically. He became extremely lethargic, and was staying in one safe place like cats do when it's their time. He wouldn't eat, nor drink, nor play. He still received love and attention, but we took him to the vet immediately. They put him on appetite stimulants to help him gain weight, and had to syringe feed him. Only one day later, he went completely downhill, he was having trouble breathing and we took him to the ER immediately. There, they said he had a large amount of fluid in his chest, which could mean one of three things; Heart Disease, Cancer, or rarely, FIP. We recognized that this meant that he was most likely going to be crossing the bridge today, but despite this, we still wanted to know what was ultimately wrong, and wanted him to be as comfortable as possible, so we had them drain his chest. They got out 300 Milliliters, as much as they possibly could. The vet knew what was wrong immediately when she saw the bright, neon fluid (which he had been coughing up the past few days). She came to us with the news and complete certainty considering all of his symptoms of FIP. We were all heartbroken, as his fluid was most likely going to build up again within a few hours. So we spent a few final hours together, even during this time he was starting to have trouble breathing, the fluid was already starting to build up again. The entire family drove down from Boston, an hour away, to come see him. He knew what was happening, as when they came in, he made sure to say hi to everybody and gave one final goodbye. He cuddled me for the rest of the time, and he became more and more stressed out as time went on, so we knew that for him to be as comfortable and happy as possible, especially considering his immense discomfort due to not being able to breathe again, it was his time. He was a warrior, and the worst part of this was that he still seemed himself, even in his final moments, only he was obviously in pain and discomfort, and ready to go. He rejected all food and water the previous days as he was attempting to find a way out of the pain. We were glad to have taken him to the ER when we did, otherwise he would have been in pain and discomfort for his final days, while starving himself as well. The vet explained FIP, and his case was an extreme, where he was most likely not going to survive but a few more days, which we had the option to do, but he was already in pain and discomfort, and we would have had to drain his fluid almost daily. Along with the stress of car rides and going to the ER again, we knew that what was best for him and the unselfish decision was to allow him to go when he wanted. He made sure to give everybody love, and received the most amount of love he could ever have gotten. We spent a few more minutes petting him and giving him all the love in the world. As he passed, I gave him cuddles and love, saying goodbye to the most precious baby of my life. Mike D was the most precious baby ever, and the healthiest baby until this day. He was sweet, kind, loving, he even saved a baby squirrel once from the road, bringing it alive, unwounded for us to take care of. He was the most loving, caring baby ever, and I could not have asked for a more perfect furbaby ever. 8 of the best years of my life was because of my Mike D. I love him, and my heart still aches to this day. I wish to be able to help inform people on FIP, and do everything I can to raise awareness and aid in being able to find a cure for this horrible disease. I thank everybody who works on finding the answer from the bottom of my heart and send all my love and hope that one day it will be eradicated. Mike D loves everyone, and i know he is as happy as he can possibly be. I know hes still watching over me from wherever he might be, and I can feel his love every time every day. I love and miss you babycakes...