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JuJu was a silver Bengal who we bought from a breeder that we had got our first Bengal from. We had himfor six weeks and by week three after one of his vaccines he was still very lethargic. I had taken him back tothevet many times to see what was wrong with him. They had no clue but senses hehad a virus so they put him on antibiotics for ten days. After the ten days he sasntgstting any better,he had a 106 fever and a little pop belly by then. he had been having a high fever everyday and I would take him almost everyday to get a benedryl and fluid shot to get his fever down. After the ten days the doctor has taken fluid from his belly and determined he had FIP. We were devastated and heartbroken. We took him home for two days to selfishly be with him. It was hard because we had to keep him and our one and a half year old Bengal apart from eachother. After two days we knew we had to say not goodbye but see you soon. It was the hardest goodbye. The breeders knew Another kitten from JuJus liter passed away from FIP three weeks earlier but never told us. I know FIP can happen to any cat but this has made me a firm believer in adoption and not buying and I hope JuJus story can help anyone.