Some cats of House Of Nekko 040719

January 23, 2023

Vanilla laying on a turtle, CoffeeBean finding a treat in a tunnel, Nugget watching her sister Smudge in the catwalks, Poppyseed doing great and relaxing on the couch, Kabocha strutting, and Smokey running,   Just an average day living with 24 amazing beings humans have named Cats.

ZenByCat is a legal 501c3 non profit that raises money to help end a horrific disease called FIP.   Please check out all the ways you might help, including shopping at ZenByCat's online store.  No money raised is ever used for our cats or cathouse.    Thank you for reading all these words.

Cookie Monster sees you
Smokey taking a nap

Vanilla sleeping on turtle 040419
Poppyseed B 040819
Cookie Monster with FIP Warrior
Blackbird surrounded by color 040819

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