Why donate to ZenByCat?

January 15, 2019

ZenByCat is a legal 501c3 non-profit that guarantees 90 cents of every dollar raised is donated to the two charities we fund (SOCKFIP and The Bria Fund).  We use just 10% to help cover some of our overhead and outreach costs, with myself making up the shortfall.    For example, our recently completed EndFIPRaffle raised close to $5,000 while costing ZenByCat just under $1,000 to create and implement.  $4,500 was sent to the researchers and $500 was used to help pay for the raffle.

Our goal is to get 5000 people to sign up for $10 a month automatic donations.   This would send $45,000 dollars a month to the researchers and also give ZenByCat $5,000 a month to raise even more money (that could pay for 5 raffles, potentially raising $25,000 - $30,000).  We have no paid positions and never use any money raised for our cats or cathouse.   For those who can afford to give up two Starbucks coffees a month, please consider becoming a ZenByCat Human FIP Warrior.    We will even send you a free FIP Warrior Cat T-shirt when you sign up for monthly donations (you just pay shipping).   

Here is a partial list of all the ways you can help:

Here is a link that you can share listing all these ways to help ZenByCat end FIP:


More about ZenByCat

Please contact me directly with any questions about ZenByCat or our efforts to help end FIP.


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