The making of a cat spiral

January 23, 2023

Many people have asked how our carpenters make the cat spirals that appear in our House Of Nekko videos so we have created this post to show the process.

Here is a video showing entire process, followed by pictures showing the steps.

Lay out spiral on a cardboard sonna tube. Exact dimensions depend on final height but we try to have about 12" between each turn
Cut strips of Luann 1 7/8" wide and 7/8" wide.   The larger ones are for the outside and inside rails and the smaller ones make up the deck.

Following the layout on the tube, use wood glue and small nails to slowly laminate the strips together
Wider strips will create the inside lip, shown here, and also the outside lip after the deck made from the narrower strip

Ends are left long for top and bottom of ramp, to be cut to fit during install
lots of clamps needed
53 laminated strips of Luann make up the spiral
Finished spiral ready for install
Installed by attaching to rope covered pole and top catwalks

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