ZenByCat's BettyWhite Challenge

January 23, 2023

In honor of Betty White and her lifelong support of animals, ZenByCat is sponsoring a #BettyWhiteChallenge.

1) Go to our FIP Warriors Page and donate to as many individual FIP Warriors as you can. Our suggestion is to give $10 to each cat but the amount and number of cats is up to you.  Make sure to scroll through the many pages as there are over 550 cats currently undergoing FIP treatment.   Click on any cat with the red cross symbol ❌ and the green giving hands symbol 🧤 and you will find their story and their direct fundraising link.   You can also search for a specific cat by name.  Challenge runs from Jan 9 through end of Jan 17.

2) Leave a comment on any ZenByCat Facebook post listing the names of each cat you donated to (no need to post amount of donations). Make sure to include the hashtag #ZenByCatBettyWhiteChallenge in your post.

3) Email me (peter@ZenByCat.org) the names of the cats and amounts you donated to each cat, along with your mailing address. We will not use your mailing address for any other purpose nor share it with anyone.   We will then mail you your prizes based on the following chart:

Win a Warrior sticker for each $10 donation.  One sticker for $10, 2 for $20, 3 for $30, etc

Win a Warrior cleaning cloth and 5 stickers for donations totaling $50

Win 8 stickers, 1 cleaning cloth, and a Warrior magnet for donations totaling $80

Win a free Warrior t-shirt (you would just pay $6 shipping) for donations totaling $120

Go to ZenByCat's FIP Warrior Page and give to any cat with green giving hands symbol. Make sure to scroll through pages as there are 100's of cats in need of your help
Smokey was one of the very first FIP Survivors and works hard to Pay It Forward by helping fund researchers working to end FIP for all cats.

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