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Poppyseed came to us in 2003. When she was still a kitten she had a very bad experience with a cat collar. Even though it was supposed to be a break-a-way safety collar, it somehow got way too tight. We thought she was sleeping a lot more than usual but by the time we realized what had happened, she had almost choked to death. The collar was so tight the vet had to cut it off and it left a blooding ring around her neck. Since that time, she talks A LOT. She is by far our most vocal cat. She also used to pee outside the litter boxes. We had tried everything and at one point, had her locked in a cage in the garage while we tried to find a solution. Then, quite by accident, she got into our bedroom and onto our bed and stopped peeing outside the litter boxes. Since that time, she has become a bedroom cat, living with Cookie and Rumple and Nutter in our room. She just needed to find her place and now she is a very well behaved, if vocal, cat.

Poppyseed crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 26th, 2019 after battling a long list of age related diseases.   She had a long happy life and is greatly missed.

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