Smokey hits a mini-bump

January 23, 2023

Smokey hit a mini-bump in his journey when he started vomiting yesterday morning.   His doctor could find nothing obviously wrong with him so they gave him fluids and a shot for nauseousness.  They also did his usual battery of blood tests as it was time anyway.   While he has mostly recovered he still is not himself yet.  He also started peeing outside the litter box, something he has never done before.  The blood test results were all normal except an elevated white blood count.  Since this could be from the stress of vomiting, he will be retested in 2 weeks.   He definitely seems to be recovering but with his FIP history, it is hard not to be nervous.   Here Smokey is feeling better.  I love this music because its name is Perseverance and it sounds like it:).   Smokey fights on.


Smokey not feeling well
Smokey relaxing in clean laundry on dining room table (ignoring rules against being on either).
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