Smokey and I will recover together:)

January 23, 2023

As we get ready for Smokeys surgery on Monday, it occurred to me that we can recover together.   Today I received a Cortisol shot in my right shoulder and was told no lifting or swimming for 8 weeks.  If I am lucky, this will save me from a more difficult surgery and longer recovery time in the future.  Smokey too is having a hopefully easy surgery now in order to avoid a more difficult one in the future.  

There seem to be several new kittens accepted into the latest drug trial at UC Davis and that is good news.   So far almost all of the cats in this current trial are doing well, which is even better than from the trial that Smokey was in (7 out of 20 from that trial are still doing well).  Of course none of the kittens in the current trial have finished the treatment yet and we do not know the future of any of these FIP Warriors.   But this is real progress and hopefully will inspire many of the human guardians of cats to #BecomeAnActiveFIPWarrior.

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Here is Smokey, including his trademark super long stare and a very short eye contact with the camera.

Cookie and Poppyseed
Boku and Smokey
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