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Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster came to House of Nekko in 2009.  

Cookie is one of the "bed-cats." She practically lives on my bed.  Badly traumatized as a kitten, it took a long time to get her to trust me.   She still is very wary of strangers but ventures out of my room to explore the house, always returning before too long. She went through two very extensive surgeries last year to remove all her mammary glands that suddenly developed tumors. Despite being given very low odds, she made a full recovery.  She also had to have all her teeth removed at age 6, then had to have another surgery to remove all the roots.   Just last week she underwent her 5th surgery to deal with a growth in her mouth.  You have heard of the 6 million dollar man? She is our $20,000 cat:).

Cookie Monster lost her final battle with lymphoma on Jan 4, 2021.   She was my most special cat and I will miss her for the rest of my life. RIP Cookie Monster

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Cookie Monster

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