FIP will be cured but we must help

January 23, 2023

I was fortunate enough to meet with Dr Pedersen recently and was able to learn a lot more about the drug trial that Smokey went through and also the current ongoing trial.  I will leave the details of the drug trials for Dr Pedersen to present next week at the Winn Feline Foundation Symposium.   But I can say that the protease inhibitor that was used on Smokey was very successful for young kittens with wet FIP.  The current trial underway uses a different type of drug and has at least 8 kittens doing well so far.  They are also working on other drugs that might help older cats and dry FIP.   Even though there is still a lot of work to be done, this is a giant step forward, to be able to put cats into long term remission for even a subset of FIP cases. From this study, there are currently 6 kittens, including Smokey, that are in complete remission with no signs of FIP.  It is true we do not know how long these cats will stay healthy, but Smokey has been off the drug for 8 months, and some of the other cats have exceeded one year with continued good health.   

This means we are no longer asking people to donate money to find a cure for FIP.   We are asking people to donate money to fund the cure.  

This drug has proved it works and now larger, more expensive trials need to be funded.  This money has to come from donations as no drug company will pay for this kind of early testing.

So I am asking all the people who follow this site to truly ask yourself if you can afford to give $10 a month.   If the answer is no then donating is not possible.  But if you can give up two starbucks a month and it will not greatly impact your life, than I hope you will consider signing up at   It is hard asking people for money but I hope you ask your friends as well.   This is a simple way to raise the millions we need.   It just requires many of us to give a little.

And now, as a reward for reading through my too many words, enjoy some sleeping Smokey and his new best friend Rumple:


Smokey in a blue canoe.  Please support TheCatBall where every purchase generates a generous donation to ZenByCat and a discount to you.   Just use code FIPWarrior at check out.
Smokey continues to grow into his feet

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