ZenByCat finds The Cat Ball

January 23, 2023

We purchased some of the colorful beds from The Cat Ball to try out and we were surprised how quickly the cats learned to get into the canoe shaped beds. None of the cats in this video were placed in the beds. None of these pictures were staged. We have already had to wash one of the canoes and it held its shape. We are thrilled that such a cool company that makes such cool cat beds has become an FIP Corporate Warrior and are offering, on any of their beds, a 10% discount to you AND a 10% donation to ZenByCats efforts to end FIP. So please, remember to use the code FIPWarrior (case sensitive, no spaces) upon check out at www.thecatball.com for any of their cool beds.  Thank you for supporing our FIP Corporate Warriors. We only team up with products we actually like and use.


Blackbird and Butter share a canoe

Cookie using a canoe bed her own way:).

Mango uses the canoe bed her way

Nugget coming to check out the already occupied (by Smokey) upside down Blue Whale bed

Look for this cat warrior logo on companies websites and know they are helping end FIP
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