Taking photos of Cat Wheel with help from cats

January 23, 2023

Trying to take a clear picture of the ZenByCat version of FerrisCatWheel by ZiggyDoo was complicated by our cats wanting to help:).    Was fun afternoon with Kenji Fukudome and he ended up getting some very cool pictures.   We will be at CatCon in Pasadena in early August and will have a ZenByCat version of the cat wheel for anyone who might be thinking about buying one.   Remember to use this link and Ziggydoo will donate $30 to help end FIP with each wheel purchased.   

We have just launched a new online store that showcases lots of cool products you can buy that generate a donation to help end FIP.   Please let us know about products you wish us to add to our store.

In this video, Vanilla pushes Mikan off the wheel so she can have a seat but Mikan then gets her revenge:).

Smokey keeping cool
Chaos as Kenji tries to take a clear picture of ZenByCat version of wheel
Poppyseed manages to get around, even up onto higher catwalks
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