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January 23, 2023

Smokey is one of only 5 survivors of the very first drug trial at UC Davis in 2016 (there were 20 FIP kittens/cats in this trial).  After completing 12 weeks of twice daily painful injections of GC376 on Oct 25, 2016, he has remained FIP free for over 3 years and counting.   Six months after completing the trial he did have to have extensive scaring removed from his shoulder areas but he recovered from that surgery as well.    Smokey and the other 25 cats that live at House Of Nekko work hard (using their innate cuteness) to help raise awareness and funding to end FIP.  Please consider helping Smokey Pay It Forward by joining ZenByCat's FIP Warrior Club.   

Here are many more ways humans can help, many of which do not involve money:)

Today hundreds of cats are being cured of FIP and if enough humans each give a little every month, we can end FIP for all cats.

Smokey after surgery to remove scar tissue from injections
boku and Smokey

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