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Dr. Pedersen's FAQs About Using GS-441524

Answers are Dr. Pedersen’s word-for-word responses to email questions he has received from patients treating with GS441524. Please note that these responses were given to individual cat owners by Dr. Pedersen. They are meant as a helpful guide and are not intended as individual veterinary advice. Nor are they intended to act as a replacement for standard veterinary care. 

General questions about administering GS-441524 via injection

Q. What if my cat doesn’t respond to GS immediately or his behaviors seems “off” after a few weeks on the drug?
Q: What do I do if my cat develops injection-site soreness from using GS? Would lidocaine or anything else help with the soreness?
Q: Is it safe/advisable to continue to give FIO (feline interferon omega) concurrently with GS?
Q: Should my cat continue on prednisone with GS?
Q: What are the chances that I will cure my cat of FIP and he will become re-infected with coronavirus that will again mutate into FIP? Should I treat a cat who is shedding coronavirus?
Q: Should I give vaccinations or spay/neuter my cat while on GS?

Questions about what happens after treatment with GS has ended

Q: My cat has been on GS for several weeks and seems to be doing fine, but his coronavirus antibody titer is still high. Does this mean he is still sick? Should I be concerned?
Q: What if my cat relapses once stopping GS treatment? How will I know? (Question asked for neurologic cat)
Q: Which thermometer should I use to monitor my cat’s temperature?
Q: I noticed my cat had a spike in temperature after stopping GS? Has my cat relapsed?

Questions about labs during or after treating with GS

Q. My cat is being treated with GS and his lymphocyte count is high. Is this okay?
Q: My cat has been on GS for several weeks and there is elevated creatine kinase and phosphorus in the lab reports. Is this a problem?
Q: We are concerned about the seemingly quick increase in BUN and CREA showing in the blood work. Thus, we were wondering if you had any further recommendation, or to just do fluids/diet and hope that kidney disease progression slows, given that he is a young cat and the FIP so far appears to have been successfully treated?

Questions about the oral form of GS

Q: Some labs are producing GS in pill form. Is this form safe/effective?
Q: We are told by the companies producing the oral form to break the dose up and give twice per day. Would you know why this is?
Q: Is there any harm in alternating between the injectable form of GS and the oral form of GS?

General FAQs About Treating FIP Using GS-441524 

Q: What is GS?
Q: How long is the treatment?
Q: What is the correct dose of GS to give my kitty?
Q: What exactly are “neuro” or “ocular” cases?
Q: How much does the 12 weeks of treatment cost?
Q: How do I buy GS?
Q: How do I know the GS I am buying is the real thing and will work?
Q: What size syringes and needles do I need?
Q: How do I give the GS injections?
Q: What are the side effects of GS?
Q: What supplements do I give during GS treatment?
Q: Can I just buy the GS in powder form and mix it up myself?
Q: Where do I get syringes and needles?
Q: How do I dispose of all of the used needles or “sharps”?