Smokey's 3 Year Anniversary Paying It Forward Campaign

January 23, 2023

October 25th 2019 marks the 3 year anniversary since Smokey finished his 12 week twice-daily injections as one of 20 FIP cats in the first UC Davis drug trial.   Smokey and 4 others became the first ever real world FIP cats to be cured.  To honor this remarkable achievement, we created the Pay It Forward campaign.   For those able, please join ZenByCat's FIP Warrior Club and share on social media using the hashtags FIPSurvivorPayingItForward and/or FIPWarriorPayingItForward.

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Our first experience with FIP was when our new kitten Peanut was diagnosed with wet FIP and was euthanized shortly after. This was 5 years ago and there was nothing that could save Peanut.    When Miss Bean was diagnosed with wet FIP in April of 2016, she had the good fortune to be accepted into the UC Davis trial.   Unfortunately, she did not survive the trial and was euthanized 4 weeks into treatment.   While she did not make it,  researchers learned a great deal from her that helped them refine the protocols that saved more cats in later trials.   Smokey was one of the last FIP cats accepted into that first trial and was cured of FIP.   

Help us save today's and future FIP Warriors.  Help us Pay It Forward.

Smokey and all FIP Warriors thank you.

The video above shows Smokey's journey from first day of treatment.

The video below shows Smokey and boku:).

The video above shows House Of Nekko and explains how ZenByCat became a non profit dedicated to raising money to end FIP.

This last video is not so easy to watch but we want to remember Miss Bean even if her time with us was so short.

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