Smokey and others with Miss Beans song

June 25, 2019

I played these two beautiful pieces of music (Spiritual Awakening and A Beautiful Distraction, both by Michele McLaughlin) over and over while Miss Bean sat on my chest.   I would spend hours laying on the floor of the small room at UC Davis that Miss Bean spent the last month of her life, trying to give her comfort and hope.   The music is Miss Bean, joining Smokey and friends enjoying life.   Seeing so many cats getting the drugs that saved Smokey is such a great feeling.  Bittersweet because so many have been and continue to be lost to this horrific disease.   We fight on.

This video of Miss Bean and her battle with FIP is not easy to watch, but I do.   I want to remember her and how much she wanted to just be a normal happy kitten like her sister Vanilla.

Smokey in front of Miss Bean
miss bean 26
miss bean 10
5 cats on blue chair 010519

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