Smokey and friends 011019

January 23, 2023

Smokey remains a playful inquisitive cat in spite of all he has been through.   Tuff little man.   The blue chair is very popular with cats and humans alike. Kabocha found her new spot where she likes to hang out while I work.   Truly Zen By Cat.   

The original purpose of ZenByCat was to share how cats and humans can live together and both benefit.   After we became a nonprofit, our second purpose became to help raise the money needed to end FIP.   Asking for money is difficult and feels annoying but we will keep asking:).  

Check out this link and see how you can make a difference in the fight to end FIP.   We also hope people will not let FIP take away their ability to live with and enjoy cats.

Smokey playing 011119
Secret watching Cheesecake and Chocolate
Smokey in front of Miss Bean
Blackbird and Kabocha on Wine Goblet
Kabocha in Wine Goblet
Smokey running on upper catwalks

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