Help save all FIP Warriors

January 23, 2023

This video perfectly captures the simple yet amazing site of a formerly near death FIP kitten growing up to be this full of life healthy cat.   Researchers have cured more than 25 FIP cats with just two experimental drugs.  The more funding we can raise the more drug trials can be held, putting even more drugs into the pipeline.   With enough people giving a little each month, we could have 10 drugs moving through the process and speed up bringing a viable treatment for FIP to all cats.   

Anyone who has had to watch a kitten or cat lose their battle with FIP knows the almost unbearable pain and frustration and sadness this disease inflicts.   Watching Miss Bean lose her battle with FIP was heart wrenching.   Watching Smokey play inspires me to work harder to help all FIP cats beat this disease.

Help ZenByCat reach our GivingTuesday goal of $10,000, enough to pay all costs to care for 20-30 cats in the next study that hopefully will take place soon.  Use the link below to go to our FaceBook page, scroll down to the pinned Fundraiser post and locate the donate button:

Use this next link to sign up for $10 a month automatic donations and see all the other ways you can help as well:

Thank you!:)

All FIP cats should be able to enjoy life like Smokey.   I know Miss Bean and Peanut both desperately just wanted to be kittens.   This is why we work so hard to find other forever humans who will join this fight.

Smokey today
Miss Bean the day before entering drug trial
Smokey before and after GC376 treatment
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