Help fund research that is saving these cats lives!

February 26, 2022

For all humans touched by FIP, We need your help!   

Please consider joining the FIP Warrior Club and help fund the researchers that created the FIP treatment that is saving thousands of cats (and is even being tested on humans to fight Covid19).   Especially during this pandemic, funding for animal research has become scarce.   ZenByCat funds Dr Pedersen through SOCKFIP and many other researchers through the Winn Feline Foundation.  

Check out some of the hundreds of cats listed on our FIP Warriors Page who are undergoing life-saving treatment. Donate directly to their GoFundMe links to help their humans pay for the very expensive 12 treatment program.  

We understand these are very difficult times and our appeal is aimed at only those who can still afford $10 a month. Please help share this appeal, follow ZenByCat on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, and like and share our posts.  

FIP Warrior Club
Smokey was one of the very first cats ever cured of FIP
Shop at ZenByCat's online store where every purchase helps end FIP
Check out all these FIP Warriors undergoing treatment and donate directly to their GoFundMe pages
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