How FIP research is now saving humans from Covid19

February 26, 2022

Steve Dale (well known animal behaviorist/advocate and board member of Winn Feline Foundation) explains the direct link between FIP research and how it is now saving humans from Covid19.

The US President can thank cats for his Covid19 treatment!

Ironically, because of the Covid19 pandemic, funding for animal research and FIP research in particular has become very scarce.  Dr Pedersen and other researchers around the world are working on better and cheaper FIP drugs, a vaccine, and a definitive FIP test, among other projects.  Please consider joining the FIP Warrior Club with just $10 a month automatic donations.  The power of numbers mean with just 5000 humans participating we can send over $1,000,000 a year to researchers and they can end FIP for all cats!  As the above article shows, funding animal research also helps humans.  We are, after all, all animals:).

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Smokey was one of the very first FIP cats ever cured in 2016
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