Zen-like Smokey versus MiniBean

January 23, 2023

MiniBean and Smokey can play so rough it looks like they are out to kill each other.   Both can be the instigator but sometimes Smokey decides he would rather rest, like in this video:


MiniBean was named in honor of Miss Bean and has become Smokeys best friend.  Both overcame great odds to get to be happy kittens and it feels right that they bonded.  For those able to give up 2 cups of Starbucks a month, please consider signing up for $10/month automatic donations.  This has the lowest cost and gets 90% of the money donated directly to the two charities we support (www.SOCKFIP.org and the BriaFund at Winn Feline Foundation).   www.ZenByCat.org/give-to-fip-research

Smokey just enjoying life:

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