Two minutes of Cat Therapy

January 23, 2023

One of the many benefits of living with cats is the calming effect they seem to have on many humans (certainly me).   Here is a 2 min emergency Cat Therapy video.   Can be reused as often as you like:).   

When I look at how happy and healthy and trusting these rescue cats have become, it is almost overwhelming.  To so completely solve all their problems and see them change from unhealthy and terrified into the happy cats you see in our videos, is well, like a fairy tale ending.    Smokey is even more captivating because his hardships were literally insurmountable before the drug trial.  Having watched Miss Bean lose her battle with FIP, I understand the horror of not being able to save our kittens and cats.   Seeing Smokey play and enjoy his life keeps me in awe and motivates me to keep trying to get more people to give a little each month and help give the same chance at life that Smokey received to all FIP Warriors.

If you enjoy our videos, please share them with other forever humans and consider shopping through our Cat Stuff store or consider joining our FIP Warrior Club.   We can end FIP if enough of us help.   No money raised is used for our cats or cat house.   ZenByCat has no paid positions and distributes 90 cents of each dollar raised to the two charities we support ( and The BriaFund of the Winn Feline Foundation).   We use just 10% to help cover some of our costs and continue to grow and reach more people.  I make up the shortfall.   Thank you.   Now after all those stressful words, try out some Cat Therapy:

Smokey looking out from the Wine Glass cat tree
Dinner time at House Of Nekko is always fun
The Professor always seems to be guarding her FussieCat
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