The Beautiful Chaos of our house filled with cats and Lindsey:).

January 23, 2023

House Of Nekko is brought to life by the 24 cats that call ZenByCat their home. Smokey, MiniBean, Vanilla, CoffeeBean, Donut, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Secret, Nutter, Cookie Monster, Rumple, Crumple, Nugget, Smudge, Jupiter Jones, Climber, Mikan, The Professor, Blackbird, Kabocha, BokuMo, Butter, Poppyseed, and Mango.   Definitely Chaotic but Beautiful.   The music is Gavi's Song by Lindsey Sterling.

MiniBean and Smokey
Boku on Japanese TV:)
Smokey not technically on the counter
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