Smokey from FIP kitten to super Warrior

January 23, 2023

While there is much frustration at the slow progress being made against FIP,  progress IS being made.  This video shows Smokey  when he first entered the UCDavis drug trial, with his swollen belly, playing in the same room that other FIP Warriors fought their battle.  Sadly, many did not make it.  Miss Bean spent her last 4 weeks in that same room, playing next to that same drain on the floor.   But Kratos, Cloud,  Flora, Phoebe buffay, Peanuts, Smokey, and Oakley did make it.   Now Luna passed through this room and hopefully is on her way to join the ranks of FIPSurvivors.   I believe Dr Pedersen will be announcing the results of the first trials in June and I think the results will be inspiring.  Even while we still lose so many FIP Warriors, watching Smokey and the others play inspires me to work harder, to not give up, and to help the researchers find the cure.   


The ranks of Surviving FIP Warriors continues to grow.  Even though a widespread cure is still years away, it is now within site.  Play your part and become an active FIP Warrior

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