Smokey and MiniBean battle again

January 23, 2023

I have no idea how/why MiniBean sleeps in such strange positions.   In the picture she looks like a Geisha:).

Smokey and MiniBean are back to battling.   As usual, it takes Smokey a while to decide to engage but when he does things get violent:).   After all, he is a Warrior.

We thank all the monthly donors for their continued support and respectfully ask those who follow us to keep sharing our sites and keep asking people to sign up for small monthly donations.   It is hard asking for money but ending FIP is worth doing hard things:).   Thank you.   Now please enjoy the battle:


Smokey and MiniBean flagrantly ignoring the "not allowed on table" rule
Smokey doing his part to help end FIP
Smokey stands tall
MiniBean being odd
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