Preorder CatScapes and help launch this innovative catwalk system

January 31, 2020

ZenByCat is proud to be working with CatScapes to help bring their innovative cat climbing and runway system to market.    While the price point for these initial sets is about 25% higher than their eventual target, this is what is required to get production started.   Also keep in mind that prices include free shipping to almost anywhere in the world!   The modular system's ingenious patent-pending hinge-brackets allow for almost unlimited design freedom and expandability, creating a unique ramp and runway system that looks like art and comes to life with cats.

I have ordered two Deluxe Kits for House Of Nekko (Like all products we endorse, I paid personally for these items and never use ZenByCat money for our cats or cathouse).  Aaron from CatScapes has agreed to donate 50% of the purchase price for these two deluxe kits ($699 donation) to ZenByCat if they reach their pre-sold goal that will allow production to move forward.    The people of CatScapes have been working almost 3 years to develop and bring to market CatScapes Cat Shelves, which offer unique function, form, and durability.   

For anyone who orders any of the sets, I will be happy to videochat with you about what I have learned building catwalks for the past 30 years and help you decide how to install your new CatScapes so your cats will enjoy them as much as you do.   ZenByCat will also send a free Warrior T-shirt for each set ordered.

Please help share this post with anyone who might be interested. Here is the link to CatScapes where you can learn about CatScapes Cat Shelves and place your order.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Hidari Me-Gi and SesameSeed using their cuteness to help sell CatScapes:)
CoffeeBean looking out from her safe space

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