Please share your FIP Warriors story

July 18, 2019

I finally added Miss Bean to ZenByCat's FIP Warriors page.   She was the inspiration for the creation of ZenByCat.  We created the FIP Warriors page so Miss Bean and all FIP Warriors would have a place to be remembered, and to help inspire other humans to join the fight to end FIP.    It is so beautiful and painful to see the growing number of FIP Survivors mixed in with those that have fallen.   

Please consider sharing your FIP Warriors story.

Three videos below: One shows Miss Bean and her ultimately unsuccessful battle with FIP.   The other two videos show Smokey when he was just starting the trial and later when he was completely recovered.   ZenByCat works hard to speed up the day when no more cats are lost to this horrific disease.

Just some of the FIP Warriors and their stories shared
Miss Bean and Smokey never met
#HelpendFIP by joining the FIP Warrior Club
miss bean 23
miss bean 10
miss bean 12
miss bean 13
miss bean 15

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