Smokey and his many friends just enjoying life.

January 23, 2023

This music was one of Miss Beans favorite songs and we listened to it many many times during the 4 weeks she was at UC Davis.   It now brings me bittersweet memories but also happiness in watching Smokey and Vanilla living happy kitten lives. They are living their lives for themselvs and for Miss Bean:).   Included in this happy video are some feeding cats, Smokey watching his Roombas clean the floors, Smokey, Vanilla, and MiniBean playing on the spiral, herding cats, Boku and Luna.   Please buy this song if you like it because I want to thank the artist for such beautiful music and the more people that listen to this song, the more Miss Bean is still here:).

Also so happy to meet Luna in person.


Awakening by Michele McLaughlin. Entire Album (Waking the Muse) is also awesome.  Link below if wish to purchase.

Please enjoy:


Smokey watching his Roombas work
Grazing time


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