Mango and Vanilla battle while Smokey relaxes

January 23, 2023

Find all 8 cats in the photo?   In this video Mango and Vanilla battle to a draw (unfortunately in front of a litter box) while Smokey is the calm relaxed cat.  There is also a cool picture of Poppyseed with Vivipet ears.


If you send me all the names of the cats in this picture, I will send free ZenByCat mugs to the first 5 people who get it right.  Is anyone out there?

I love my bedroom

Poppyseed is a perfect Vivipet cat.

Poppyseed is on medications for hyperthyroidism, arthritis, and now an ulcerated eye. She fights on and has not lost her appetite:)

Boku and Climber

Boku with Climber, who in spite of being our heaviest cat, still thinks she is a tiny kitten.

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