Kabocha playing with other cats

January 23, 2023

Kabocha has always preferred humans over cats.   To help her relax more, we try to play with the always popular feather and this video shows real progress.   Even when all the cats turn toward her (around 50 second mark) and advance, Kabocha is too busy with the feather to react:).

Below the video is a picture of Ashleigh, the vet tech that came twice a day for 11 weeks to give Smokey his drug.  She came to visit Poppyseed and everyone had a good day.

So far Poppyseed is feeling much better since discontinuing more than half her meds and all testing.   Since she gets to eat whatever she wants, her appetite has returned as well.

Ashleigh and Poppyseed
Smokey with watermellon hat 031719
Kabocha on Boku
Mikan over TV fish close
Mikan hanging above TV fish

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