Join ZenByCat's FIP Warrior Club

January 31, 2020

Join the ZenByCat FIP Warrior Club and help bring an end to FIP for all FIP Warriors.   For as little as $10 a month, you will join an army of forever humans who are funding research that has already produced drugs that are curing FIP cats.    With enough people giving a small amount each month, a safe, affordable cure for all FIP Warriors is possible.  We will even send you a free Warrior T-shirt.
Some of the 26 cats of House Of Nekko
SesameSeed is our newest honorary FIP Warrior
9 cats on catwalks
5 cats on blue chair 010519
Blackbird Kabocha Nugget on Tree Catwalks 060119
A busy Reef 090619
Crumple and Butter hide in plain site 081119

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