Hidari makes friends with BokuMo

January 31, 2020

The picture above is SesameSeed making a funny face and has nothing to do with this video:)..

Hidari was rescued from a high-kill shelter with his sister Me-Gi and two other siblings (the siblings did not survive).    Because of Hidari's fear of humans, he and his sister were passed up for adoption for 4 weeks, until luck brought them to House Of Nekko.   Since arriving several weeks ago, Hidari has made huge strides in learning how to trust humans again.   Today he made friends BokuMo:).

Kabocha enjoys the garden from the Reef turtle
SesameSeed Face 1/5
SesameSeed Face 2/5
SesameSeed Face 3/5
SesameSeed Face 4/5
SesameSeed Face 5/5

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