Cats of House Of Nekko at play 08182020

January 23, 2023

We have received feedback that there is some confusion between House Of Nekko and ZenByCat.   

House Of Nekko is the name of our cathouse where are currently 26 rescued cats and 2 humans live.   

ZenByCat is the 501c3 nonprofit we set up 4 years ago to help fund researchers like Dr Neils Pedersen and many others who are working on ending FIP for all cats.   No money raised by ZenByCat is ever used for House OF Nekko. We have no paid positions and guarantee that 90 cents of every dollar raised goes to the researchers we fund (SOCKFIP at UC Davis and the Bria Fund under Winn Feline Foundation).  

Anyone with questions about ZenByCat and our efforts to end FIP should contact me directly at I am also happy to Zoom with anyone who wants more info or has questions.

Sometimes the simplest toy is the most popular:).   For some reason all our cats are fascinated with this rainbow toy.

Smokey on his favorite RCB cat tree
Mikan sitting/standing on catwalks
Hidari, Nugget, Vanilla, and Smudge
SesameSeed and Smudge enjoying RCB cat tube
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