Cats and Smokey ignoring the camera

January 23, 2023

The war against FIP is a painful one. We mourn the death of Lucy and the pain being felt by her forever human Amanda Roth.  A beautiful kitten who was doing so well in the UC Davis drug trial and then suddenly took a turn for the worse.  RIP Lucy.  

We send good thoughts and support to Ice Bear and her forever human Pamela Lule, another trial kitten that had completed the trial successfully but has relapsed.  Ice Bear fights on.   

While the researchers are making great progress against FIP, it is paid for in tears and heartache.   But we cannot let our heartache cause us to lose hope.  

Most of the kittens in the current trial continue to do well.   Smokey and the other 6 survivors from the first trial are living happy healthy lives with no signs of FIP.   He has completely recovered from the surgery and does not seemed to have been weakened by it at all.   

His 5" scar on his shaved back and his shaved leg make him look like one bad ass FIP Warrior:).  He is one Tuff Little Man.

Here is a video of lots of cats at House Of Nekko and a really amazing scene where Smokey completely ignores my camera (its near the end).   



Looks like a monster took a bite out of Smokey:)
Mikan being a bridge troll
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