Ferris Cat Wheel from ZiggyDoo arrives at House Of Nekko

January 23, 2023

ZenByCat is excited to introduce one of our newest FIP Corporate Warriors.   ZiggyDoo reached out to us all the way from Montreal Canada and expressed a strong desire to work with us to help end FIP.   HouseOfNekko purchased a Ferris Cat Wheel from ZiggyDoo and Elizabeth (owner of ZiggyDoo) then donated the entire purchase price to ZenByCat. Further, they are offering to make a donation for every wheel sold.  Just use the link through our Catt Stuff store or click on this link: Ferris Cat Wheel from ZiggyDoo.  

Here is a video showing how easy it is to assemble (took about 90 minutes) and then teaching our cats how to use.   Kabocha was the first to use but we expect to get many more up and running soon.   

Mango and Climber sit on the ZiggyDoo box anxious to get it built
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