ZenByCat loves Litter Genie

January 23, 2023

Please welcome Litter Genie as ZenByCat's newest FIP Corporate Warrior.   We are grateful for their generous support of ZenByCat and our efforts to end FIP for all cats.  Please share this post and encourage others to support companies like Litter Genie who are stepping up to fund FIP research.

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With 21 litter boxes, having a Litter Genie in every room makes scooping often easier.   The smell is contained and changing the bags is a snap.   Like everything ZenByCat promotes, we actually use and love Litter Genie and believe you will too.   

One Litter Genie XL handles 12 cats for 3 days!   Thats 36 cat days between changing bags.

Some of the cats of House Of Nekko and their human servant
Litter Genie is Smokey Approved!
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