Peter Cohen

Winn Feline Foundation FIP Symposium at UC Davis 2019

January 23, 2023

The Winn Feline Foundation Symposium held at UC Davis was truly amazing.   So much progress was reported, including the incredible fact that FIP is now considered a treatable disease.  That said, we are still a long way from getting an affordable easily administered treatment that can cure FIP in all cats.    So while we can celebrate the growing number of FIP Warrior Survivors, please join the equally growing number of forever humans who are giving small monthly donations to help fund the continued research needed to truly end this horrific disease.

Here is a short list of important points that came out of this conference:

  1. Tool for Board, Donors,Partners, Staff asking for campaign support—Tobe provided after launch
  2. FIP is now considered a treatable disease.
  3. Regulated versions of GS441524 and GC376 are still years away in the US.
  4. Unregulated versions are being sold online and are curing FIP cats.
  5. Mutian (a large Chinese drug company) is already marketing an oral version of their FIP treatment in the US, which is curing cats of FIP.    You can find more information about people using these pills on the Facebook page FIP treatment with Mutian.
  6. Other Chinese companies are selling an injectable form of a GS-like drug that is curing cats of FIP in the US and around the world.  You can join FIP Warriors on Facebook to learn more.
  7. This is a very tumultuous time, and there are definitely risks using these unregulated drugs, but for now, they are the only option if you currently have a cat with FIP.
  8. One very important point that came out of the symposium is the strong recommendation/warning for people to NOT treat cats who have the common Coronavirus with the GS versions available online today.   Current versions of GS441524 and GC376 are the only antiviral drugs that can treat FIP (another reason why continued research is so vitally important).   If people ignore this warning the result will be the appearance of FIP that is resistant to these drugs and they will make the problem worse.
  9. Ridding your cat of the common and harmless Coronavirus is virtually impossible.
  10. Finally, a small number of cats are likely resistant to these GS-like drugs. This is why human viruses like HIV are often treated with a 3-drug cocktail. For this reason, in particular, we MUST continue to fund FIP research and develop safe and effective drugs that will cure all cats of this dreaded disease.

The video below contains the first open discussions about the unregulated drugs that included Dr Niels Pedersen from UC Davis, Dr David Bruyette representing Anivive (the company working to bring GC376 to market), Dr Leslie Lyons from the University of Missouri, Dr Glenn Olah of the Winn Feline Foundation, Susan Gingrich of the Bria Fund, Deb Roberts, and Mr Lu Ziyu of Mutian Biotechnology, among others.  It is worth watching:).

Dr P receiving the Fuck FIP Cat award (apologies to Mrs Pedersen)
Bug was the only cat in attendance
No photo description available.
This warning was taken from FIP Warriors on Facebook and is worth reposting.
Just 3 short years ago, Smokey was one of 5 FIP Survivors in the first real world test of these drugs. Now there are thousands!   

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