Vanilla sets record with really long wheel walk

January 23, 2023

Recently I have been in communication with several new people who just found out they are facing FIP.   While I am able to help them find support groups with knowledge to help confirm FIP, the fact of not being able to help their cat is so sad.   These stories are heartbreaking and happen every day.  This is what motivates ZenByCat to keep trying to raise the money needed to end FIP.

Fortuneatly, I have 24hr a day Cat Therapy.

This video of Vanilla was caught on camera when no one was in the room.   She really seems to enjoy walking to somewhere:).   The FerrisCatWheel by ZiggyDoo may soon be available in the colors of ZenByCat (like the one we have).  We have only had it a short while and 5 cats are now using it.   Yes, there is a picture of Smokey (not Vanilla) at the top of this post because of course Smokey wants in on any post:).

Cats and music always make for a better day:)

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Smokey enjoying a new canoe bed
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