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This Man Designed A Purrfect House For His 20-Plus Rescue Cats

January 23, 2023

Probably most cat owners have dreamed of building their cat a little home at some point, but not like this! Peter, the founder of the ZenByCat organization, and the builder of this wonderful cat paradise that we’re about to show you, slowly but surely executed his life’s dream: living in harmony surrounded by the cuddly and perfectly happy rescued fluff balls.

Just how many cats, you might ask? Over twenty. But it’s alright, Peter’s house is built for it. Literally. So scroll right down and check out the catopia, the Shangri-La of cat homes, except this one exists for real.

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Here’s Peter, the founder of the “House of Nekko”

Nobody could’ve imagined that he’d turn his house into catopia (cat utopia), but he did

Peter, who bought the house in 1988, has designed the house to meet all of the needs of his rescue cats

It has platforms specially made for cats to roam around without sacrificing the high ground

There are tons of plants and feeding spots so they feel like the kings and queens of the jungle

Separate feeding spots ensure that they’re never fighting for their food

It even has spiral stairways that have access to floors only cats can get to

Even the bathroom is decked out to suit the needs of the felines

Yes, this is a cat hamster wheel

There are even some plant-themed rooms just so they feel like in great outdoors

The house has lots of high spots that cats love

Of course there are scratchers and beds, too

“I heard you like cat houses, so we put a cathouse inside a cat house, so you can live while you live”

Overall, Peter has over 20 rescued indoor cats living with him

The cats are well taken care of. As if all of it is not enough, they even have their own pillows and blankets

Peter’s ZenByCat non-profit organization was found to fight a deadly disease called FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis

The story of Zen By Cat begins with a kitten Peter adopted in, 2016, Miss Bean.

MissBean was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). With her condition rapidly deteriorating Peter seemingly had no choice but to euthanize her. But before the decision was final, Peter received a message from a friend of his. She said she knew a vet at UC Davis, who might be able to get Miss Bean into a DrugTrial for young kittens with FIP. Peter decided he had to try. Over the courseof the next 31 days Peter and Miss Bean went on a roller coaster of improvements and setbacks against FIP. Sadly, Miss Bean lost her fight on July26, 2016.

In honor of Miss Bean and all other victims of FIP, Zen By Cat was set up as a nonprofit to raise money and awareness for FIP research. Since this, Dr.Pederson and others at UC Davis, have made great strides in their research and have successfully cured many cats from FIP, including Peter’s cat Smokey. But there is still work to be done to bring the drug that saved Smokey and others to market. Please consider donating to support the work of researcher like Dr.Pederson and others that we help fund through The Bria Fund associated with theEvery Cat Health Foundation who are all working to end this horrible disease known as FIP.

Peter’s workstation just screams “I love cats”

And last but not least, an obligatory stalking window

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