The Atlantic - COVID-19 Treatment Connection to Black-Market Cat Drugs

January 23, 2023

This article by Sarah Zhang in The Atlantic discusses the link between a possible COVID-19 treatment and FIP cats and goes into great detail about the Facebook Page FIP Warriors and how it grew to become a world-wide organization that is saving thousands of FIP cats.

A Much-Hyped COVID-19 Treatment Has a Weird Connection to Black-Market Cat Drugs

An antiviral almost identical to remdesivir is widely available in China’s underground marketplaces—as a game-changing treatment for a different coronavirus in cats.

Smokey was one of the first real-world FIP cats cured in UC Davis 2016 drug trial
Henry (L) and Fiona (R) were both treated with GS-441524. Henry died earlier this year, but Fiona is still alive, which her owner Robin Kintz attributes to the drug. (Courtesy of Robin Kintz)

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