Smokeys 1 year milestone

January 23, 2023

One year ago today, on October 25th, 2016, Smokey received the last of 186 painful injections of the experimental antiviral drug GC376.  He is one of 7 kittens (now cats) who have been in remission for a year or longer since completing the drug trial at UC Davis.  There are even more cats doing very well in a second drug trial also at UC Davis.   Smokey received some balloons from the veterinary tech who gave up so much of her time to come twice a day for 11 weeks to give Smokey his shots.   We tied one of his favorite mouse to the balloons and Smokey found a new way to enjoy his life.  This video also has quite a few of Smokeys friends.  Please consider signing up for small monthly donations and help us give every FIP kitten/cat the same chance at life as Smokey received.

This music is by Imma and the song name is called Amazing

Nutter becomes a little more brave
Smokey found she likes chasing a flying mouse even better

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