Smokey super fast and super slow on wheel 050219

January 23, 2023

Smokey runs so long on his wheel I sped up the video so as not to bore anyone:).   I admit I never get tired of watching him run.    Below are more videos of more cats enjoying a run. 

The Ferris Cat Wheel from ZiggyDoo, along with many other cool items for cats and humans, can be found on ZenByCat's online store Cat Stuff.   Every sale generates a donation to help end FIP, and every item is tested and approved by Smokey and his 23 housemates.  Just look at them testing the wheels:).

The Professor rides the Wheel
Mango on wheel with music and Bokumo in background
Vanilla sets record long wheel walk
Cats learing to run on the FerrisCatWheel by ZiggyDoo

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